Quarterly Raffle Fundraiser
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In order for MPH Inc. to be self sustaining we hold quarterly raffles. All raffles tickets will be sold in sets of 10 (tickets), cost $25.00/10 tickets to a book. These funds are used to help augment our revenue for daily operations.

Annual MPH Inc. Banquet
MPH Inc. holds an annual banquet where it honors its members, organizational successes and community involvement. The banquet sponsors a theme that is always relevant to the interest of the community.

Appreciation Day for Supporters and/or individuals from the community
Each year we will hold a special appreciation day for our supporters and outstanding individuals who have given their time and efforts in helping us to build our communities, thus- making us stronger.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser
This tournament is geared towards the business and professional sector of our communities. We view sports as a mean of having fun in addition to raising funds for developing our projects and programs.

MPH Gospel Concert
We believe that gospel music plays an important part in uplifting the human spirit and soul. Historically gospel has been very instrumental in helping our community maintain faith and develop an internal strength and will to survive.