Goals and Objectives

Missing Pages of History Inc. is calling upon friends, supporters, and various communities to help MPH Inc. to raise funds for the development of a Multipurpose Communications Center(MCC) facility. This facility includes T.V., Radio, Film & Video Resource Studio.. With this facility, we plan to institute an after school Youth Media Development Project. This project will largely focus on publication, film/video production, researching and writing. This facility will also enhance our community ability to communicate and speak to issues effectively- be they locate, statewide, nationally or international. Also, this communication facility will give participants a direct link to the world.
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The services, activities and programs that MPH Inc. will provide for our community are essential to building a brighter and vibrant environment. The Metropolitan areas of Richmond, VA, Raleigh/Durham, NC, epitomizes the disparities of living in underserved communities/cities. MPH Inc. will attempt to foster a milieu that will sensitize the people to overcoming adversity and obstacles prevalent in modern society.

MPH Inc’s Plan

Currently, at MPH Inc. we are re-organizing our efforts and energies toward executing our 5 year plan and strategy to continue our live T.V. programming, radio (recorded/pre-recorded shows) on a consistent basis and to expand its operation. The plan will also consists of constructing a Multi-purpose Communications Center (MCC) that will consist of T.V, Radio, Film & Video Production. Along with MCC,, we will have the various components of MCC connected to satellites locations to create a network ensuring accessibility of information.. This is MPH Inc. first phase of a three phase strategy, to take place within MPH Inc’s 5 year plan of development.

MPH Inc. will develop and implement the following programs and activities, to include but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Mentoring Program for the Youth & Women, especially those who are under the supervision of the criminal justice system (Courts & Prisons) & Volunteerism
  • Cultural Tours/ Exchanges & Scholarship Programs
  • Snack & Pack (Weekends) Program for school children – Elementary to High School & Sports Camps Programs
  • Humanitarian Project: Feeding, Clothing and Assisting the disenfranchised populations and the Elderly
  • Voter Registration Protection Program & Community Newsletter & Radio/T.V. programs