MPH Inc…”Building Strong Communities Through Communications”

Missing Pages of History Inc. have taken upon ourselves to fill the void of information concerning our underserved communities in America and its underserved populations. The lack of opportunity and not positively knowing their historical background has contributed to a life style of hopelessness, low self esteem, confusion, crime and disorganization within underserved communities far too long. MPH Inc. will redirect, enlighten, educate and connect these communities in America on the significance of knowing their historical lineage; a history which for the most part has been lost and distorted over the centuries. . By reclaiming these “lost” or “missing” pages of history, we can help our communities in restoring and capturing its dignity, its productivity and self-confident, and accountability to each other.

Since the early development and conception of MPH Inc on February 24, 1993, in Richmond, VA, USA, there has been a long standing public access television program that previewed on Continental Cablevision, Channel 95 (presently named Comcast). Topics of interest outlined the relevant history of Blacks/Africans in America and people of disenfranchised communities. These live and pre-recorded programs have been viewed by thousands of people within the Northeast and Southeast Metropolitan areas of the U.S. MPH Inc’s vision is to make this program into a nationally syndicated show, in addition to, developing and building a Multipurpose Communications Center(MCC) which will include T.V., Radio, Film & Video Resource Studio, for the Youth/Students, Women, Elderly and Scholars, Struggling Artists & Film Makers, and underserved communities .would benefit as well. In April 2011, MPH Inc. has evolved and transformed itself from being a local public access live television program into a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Community Development Corporation/ Organization, that seeks to improve the lives of historically underserved populations and communities by addressing its social, economical and cultural needs and interest.