Who Can Joining MPH Inc.? Any person who has a interest in building and developing MPH Inc. and are willing to act in good faith in being responsible to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of MPH Inc.; to its leadership and governing structures maybe eligible to become a member, if they are selected, elected or applied for membership and approved by the Chapters and the Senior Executive Committee of Missing Pages of History Inc. Types of Memberships

MPH Inc. has 5 types of memberships:

  1. Board Members and Officers
  2. Advisory Board Members
  3. Committee Members
  4. Members/Staffing
  5. Supporters

The duties and responsibilities of these various memberships will be discussed and explained at your orientation.

How You Can Join MPH Inc.

  1. A member can invite you to join and if you are approved by its Chapters or Supporting site and the Senior Executive committee.OR
  2. You can fill out an application requesting membership. If approved by the Chapter or the Supporting Site and the Executive Committee.

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