MPH Board of Directors and Officers

Name Position Held
Lee C. Robinson* President/CEO
Emmanuel Joyner* Co-Treasure
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Sussie P. Robinson* Executive Administrator/Secretary
Kit Aastrup* Acting Executive Director
Board Member

*serves as a Board Member and Officer

Emmanuel Joyner

Mr. Emmanuel Joyner holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Finance and Accounting from the University of Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administrative/Marketing and Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. He received certification from the University of Northrop in fabrication assembly and manufacturing, cellular manufacturing, quality engineering, time management and Six Sigma processing. Mr. Joyner has over 25 years of experience working with the Aerospace Corporation where he received Six Sigma certification in manufacturing, human resource, purchasing, contracts, auditing, ISO 9000, 9002, 9003, 9004 and 9005, quality assurance, Kaizen and numerous other certifications in business management, quality assurance and finance.

Mr. Joyner is the consultant to the CEO of W.E.B. DuBois Community Development Corporation, an eight million dollar non-profit organization. He retired in 2000 after 24 years from Honeywell Corporation (Allied Signal). He was responsible for $1.6 billion per year budget. Mr. Joyner has a COA and PQL certifications. He specializes in performance, quality, process and outcomes. At Honeywell, Mr. Joyner headed the Community Support Division. He took at risk youth, sent them to schools while monitoring their progress; after completion of high school, each student was given scholarships to attend college, Mr. Joyner received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and is a Vietnam Veteran. He established a Howard Banking institution in Baltimore, MD, and is presently a business to business marketing representative at BJ Wholesale, where he is responsible for all performance driven results and deliverables. The accomplishments of Mr. Joyner are many and great. He has contributed significantly to the success of many organizations and individuals.

Lee C. Robinson

Lee C. Robinson is currently working for the Richmond Public Schools of Richmond, VA, as a teacher/educator. He has over 20 years working in the public educational sector and formerly served as Director for an independent educational center/school “Kids Unlimited Learning Center”, in Richmond, VA for 3 years (1990-93). During the year of 1982-86, he matriculated at VA State University, located in Ettrick, VA, majoring in Business Administration and Accounting.

Based upon Mr. Robinson’s educational development and life experiences, he has evolved into becoming a citizen of conscience and a citizen of positive action for the community. Mr. Robinson has been a community organizer for over 25 years and as a community organizer it allows him to serve in the capacity of the following:

  • Program Director/Public Relations for Continental Cablevision Company, Public Access T.V. Department-Channel 31, for 5 years, (1990-1995);
  • Radio Talk Show Host, at WANT Radio Station, Richmond, VA (1988-1990);
  • Co-Producer and Co-Hosted of “African Perspectives” and “African Speaks”, a live TV talk shows that can be seen currently in the Richmond-Metro area of Richmond, VA, Channel 95-Comcast Cablevision
  • Received various community awards, such as ‘A Living Legend’, or ‘Best Community Role Model’ for our youth of today from Nubian Village Academy, 2007 and Timbrel Records, Inc./BMI 2013 of Richmond, VA.

Currently, Mr. Robinson is the Founder of “Missing Pages of History Inc., through this community base organization- it has allowed him to help serve as a catalyst for positive change in various underserved communities throughout this country and the world. As an organizer, lecturer, and video-filmmaker- these skills have aided him in travel to various continents: North America & Central America, Caribbean, Europe and Africa. With these travel experiences, he has been acknowledged or honored as a special guest and dignitary. Consequently,. Mr. Robinson has been sought by various delegations for travel abroad because of his acumen.

Kit Aastrup

Ms. Kit Aastrup lives in Denmark. She is an international social activist, educator, writer, free lance journalist, lecturer and humanitarian. She received a masters degree in Social Work at the University of Aalborg in 1995; Bachelor of Social Work, at the University of Roskilde in 1976; spent 2 years in studying social anthropology at the University of Copenhagen, in 1974. Fluent in several languages, which included Danish, English, French, German and a little Swahilli, speaking many languages gives Ms. Aastrup a unique perspective on the human condition.

Ms. Aastrup has developed and shown organizational and leadership skills serving as the Chairperson for “Union of Workers and Academics”, an organization that deals with health and safety issues for workers. She is a freelance writer for “The Worker” (daily newspaper) for 15 years and has been making local radio interviews/programs for the past 6 years. In her own country, Denmark, she has been a candidate for the City Council and twice a candidate for a position in the European Union Parliament.

Currently, she is working as a social worker and counselor. She has over 20 year of experience in a variety of social work jobs; project coordinator, teacher, Social Services departments, and community worker in housing projects. She has had the experience of traveling and working with various communities in Africa, United States, Mexico, and Cuba and in most European countries.

Sussie P. Robinson

At present, Ms. Robinson is a Retiree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Institutional Review Board Office of Research, Richmond, Virginia.

Ms. Robinson graduated from Richmond Public Schools, 1975 and continued her education at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College where she received an Associate Degree in Business Administration (1978). Ms. Robinson provided a variety of experiences within the medical field, which included Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Institute for Developmental Disabilities and VCU Office of Research Subjects Protection. She is certified with CITI training regarding policies and procedures regarding human/animal research.

Ms. Robinson received her Professional Development Certificate in 1983. She is efficient in the usage of the programs, such as Banner Finance FOPAL and Query classes, InfoEd, Microsoft Word and Lotus Notes Basic. She has additional experience in the area of computer technology. With over 30 years of administrative experience she will be able to instruct and give supervision in a professional manner when it comes to resolving a variety of administrative decisions and functions. Over the years she has acquired the wisdom and knowledge when it comes to applying for federal and state funds.

Ms. Robinson in the past was responsible for the daily operation of the VA Commonwealth University Office of Research Subjects Protection, Richmond, VA. Her responsibilities were reconciliation of 3 budgets, input of data into the VA and Banner financial system, travel arrangements, setting up receptions for the various research panels, ensuring the delivery of protocols to the appropriate investigators for review and miscellaneous responsibilities. She received two governor’s awards (Timothy Cain and Mark Warner) for being a Notary for the state of Virginia.

She served as a volunteer for the Newtown South Civic Association (2009-2010), as an administrator and also, currently an election official with the Election Board for the City of Richmond, VA.