Programs, Activities & Events

MPH Inc. is implementing a variety of programs, activities and events.

Social Service Programs

Developing Community Social Service Programs For the Fall of 2017 – 2020

adopt2MPH Inc. K – 5th Adopt-A-Classroom Project
Adopt- A- Classroom Project is designed to ensure that youth between the grades K – 5th grade will receive the necessary resources and attention that will enable them to develop fully in the areas of social, academic, cultural and physical development. We will be a support base for teachers and schools who could benefit from our assistance (no child will be left behind).

SnakpacSnack Pack Project
The Snack Pack Project is a complementary aspect of the Adopt- A -Classroom Project where all children of the Adopt- A- Classroom Project will be provided three balance meals a day to be taken home to assist in their nutritional requirements. This program will be offered Friday evenings providing enough food for Friday (dinner), Saturday, and Sunday. Providing meals to children makes it possible to increase their attentiveness, focus, and overall desire to excel academically.

fathersFather’s Day School Project
Father’s Day School Project is created to help develop a stronger bond between father and child and their relationship with the teacher. It seeks to have the father become more involved with the student’s education and not to rely solely on the mother. We ask each father or surrogate father to take their children to school on the opening day and follow-up meetings with the teacher(s) a minimum of once every two months. Psychologically, we have found that this plays a very important role in the development of a child’s academic success.

elderlySenior Citizen and Veterans Restoration Project
This project will assist and aid the elderly and Veterans, of underserved communities, to create an environment of safety, health and security- for those who don’t have the necessary resources to improve or maintain their home and living conditions. We will engage professional volunteers to utilize their skills to renovate, restore, repair damaged property of senior citizens and Veterans’ homes. We will form partnerships with corporate America to assist in supplying us with the necessary materials to do home repairs.

homelessFood and Clothing Homeless Project
We will partner with other organizations that serve communities who are in need of assistance in the area of food and clothing. By doing so, creates the best possibility to serve the most vulnerable populations in society. Presently, we have a program where we collect food, clothing, and shoes; distribute these items to churches and other nonprofits, etc. assisting the homeless and jobless sectors within our community.

homelessCollecting Clothes, Coats, Shoes & Toys for Elementary School Children Project
Collaborate with schools that serves indigent school populations. The focus is to collect, disseminate clothing and /or shoes from community entities around the state to be utilized to provide clothing and/ or shoes for elementary aged children in need of such items, throughout the most impoverished areas of the metropolitan areas.

Community Development Programs

Projected Programs & Activities to be developed by year 2018-2022

computerYouth and Senior Citizen Technology and Computer Programs
This program is concentrated on ensuring youth and Senior Citizens of our communities receive solid instruction in the use of computer application in the fields of communication, media, research, math and science, etc. We will start at the elementary level to the middle school level. We will also incorporate the training of senior citizen to use computers, so they will be able to use computers to fulfill their basic needs of living and functioning in today’s world. The program will have an educational component where the Youth will be doing projects with their international peers from other underserved communities.

imageComcast Youth Multimedia Image Program
Youth from the ages of 6 – 13 as part of our after school program will learn about different cultures around the world concerning their etiquette, art, dancing, folk songs and stories. Children will participate in a literacy program that will teach them how to write short stories and poetry. In addition, the program will utilize multimedia programming to enhance youth’s math, technological, and scientific awareness. Their work will be published in self-published publications inviting feedback from the community. Also, the youth will create newsletters, magazines books, websites and TV productions with the objective of building teamwork and to promote a positive self-image of themselves and their community.

restoreCommunity Block Development/Restoration Program
This program will identify sections of underserved communities to strengthen communities to foster excitement, beautification, safety, and healthy surroundings to their communities. Improving the physical structures of decaying homes, in keeping with building codes, would be provided to impoverished individuals. This work would be facilitated by trained certified contractors who would volunteer their labor and time. The work will be done by volunteers in the community in conjunction with the business sector, who will donate the necessary materials that will be needed for the completion of restoration and repairs to the homes. There will be a sliding scale on jobs and a small economically fee based upon one’s income.

ythsportsYouth Sports & Discipline Program
This program will serve as a supporting cast for those youths who are at risk of becoming behavioral problems within the schools, family, churches and criminal justice system. We will try to refocus their behavior and attitudes in a positive manner, so positive growth and development can take place. By using sports as a vehicle to influence and change them, we seek to keep inner city youths from becoming a statistic in the criminal justice system of the U.S.A. This program will integrate sports and, the travel needed to participate, along with educational instruction as the major features of this program..The cumulative effect is to create a well rounded individual.

adopt a classroomMPH Inc. Summer Student Exchange Program
This program will introduce children of the USA and other countries to each other’s cultures. While doing so, students will be introduced to the culture and language of the people slated for visit prior to international travel. This program will raise funds through bake sales, car washing, cultural events, book sales, grants and foundations.

multipurposeMPH Inc. Multipurpose Communication Media Center
This facility will become an after school – Youth Filming Program Project. It will increase our ability for various communities to connect and speak to the global market/world at large. This communication will give access and a direct link to the world. It will have a major Library/Cultural Research Center within this building, where it will function to archive the history, culture, art, and literature contributed by people throughout the world. This facility will also provide a Performing Arts Theatre.

MPH Instruments for Children Program
Our mission entails trying to bring a quality of entertainment and discipline to disadvantaged and at risk youths by offering a variety of classes and instructions. Classes will include creating positive music lyrics, album production, mixing & mastering, vocal coaching, graphic arts & logo designing, CD duplication and distribution.. This program is geared towards directing, uplifting and encouraging student artists to deliver a quality Musical Project.

exchangeMPH Inc. TV Production Student Program
This program will engage students in the world of script writing, editing, news reporting, documentary, film and television production. This program will partner with college & high school students. Students will be encouraged to study journalism, film and television. Students in this program will participate in the production of the MPH Inc. kids TV program. College bound communication and journalism students will have an opportunity to participate in the annual MPH Inc. Essay Scholarship Program.


Support Activities & Upcoming Events

money bagQuarterly Raffle Fundraiser
Quarterly raffles are held for the months of February, June, September and December of each year. All raffles tickets will be sold in sets of 10 (tickets), cost $25.00/10 tickets to a book. These funds are used to help augment our revenue for daily operations.

kidneyKidney Foundation Walk (August 2016)
The National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walk is a fun, inspiring community fundraiser that calls attention to the prevention of kidney disease and the need for organ donation. It’s also an opportunity for patients, family, friends and businesses to come together. Over 26 million Americans–that’s 1 in 9 adults–have chronic kidney disease and most are not aware of it. Because symptoms may not appear until the kidneys are actually failing, millions of people with kidney damage remain unaware and are not taking steps to protect the health of their kidneys. MPH INC. supports the Kidney Foundation in its fight to end kidney disease and its impact on our community.

diawalkDiabetes Foundation Walk-a-Thon (October 15, 2016)
Bon Secours, in conjunction with the Washington Redskins – have partnered to educate the community on the seriousness of Diabetes. Diabetes a disease that disproportionally effects the indigent, is all to common in our community. MPH Inc. understands the risk associated with Diabetes and its impact on our community. MPH Inc. wholeheartedly supports the move to end Diabetes. Our mission is to increase all relevant information to the community pertaining to the disease; engage in mailing campaigns and generally propagandized the community about the disease. The good news is: more education about the disease increases the possibility the community will act promptly to avoid major complications from the disease.

carwashMPH Inc. Car Wash (September 2018)
We will do quarterly car washes as a means to engage and introduce ourselves to the community and to help raise money to be self-sufficient.

tripMPH Inc. Educational Trip (Summer 2016-17)
We will sponsor and organize national and international trips. We will visit African communities in Africa and the African Diaspora, we want to connect with and get to know and learn about the different African culture and it’s world history and development.


Kidney Foundation Walk (August 2018)
Diabetes Foundation Walk-A-Thon (October 2018)
MPH Inc. Car Wash (Quarterly, TBA 2018-2019)
MPH Inc. Educational Trip/s (Summer/TBA 2018-2020)

Major Events

Annual Banquet, Winter -TBA 2018 – North Carolina
Awards & Recognition Day Banquet, Spring 2018 – 2022 – VA
Black History Conference, Winter TBA 2018 – 2022 – VA
Golf Tournament Fundraiser, Spring/TBA 2019 – 2022 NC
International African Cultural Festival, Summer TBA 2018 – VA
Gospel Concert, Spring 2019 – NC